Top 18 Middle Grade Chapter Books (2022) With Action and Adventure

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Don’t you love the fast pace and excitement of a good action and adventure book? These books are thrilling and get your blood pumping and adrenaline rushing, which keeps you glued to the pages until the finish. Not only adults can enjoy action and adventure. Authors also write excellent adventure books for kids, and kids love them.

If you have a child between 8–12 who loves a page-turner, my list of middle grade action and adventure books is sure to give the thrill dose.

The books in this list include curious, peculiar, and magical plots. I have made sure to include books that stimulate imagination and practical ones to educate your child on different life lessons.

What Is My Selection of New MG Adventure Books?

Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits, by G.M Savage (2022)

For 4th Graders

This is the story of Jack Mathias, the class clown and the child with a lot of nerve. Some also believe that he is overconfident for his good. Jack’s impulsiveness and audacious practical jokes keep landing him in trouble, and growing up seems far away. However, a prompt adventure thrusts Jack towards maturity with improbable companions- Edgar and Gene.

The three are looking for a long-hidden treasure, which will also lead them into immense danger. The adventure will test their physical and mental endurance and challenge their collective wits. Can Jack, naturally fearless, find the ancient jewels and, most importantly, another version of himself? Or, will he evade personal responsibility all his life?

This is a good book that will challenge young ones to be open-minded to unanticipated situations and circumstances and value teamwork. I love how Savage brought out Jack’s character and relationships with others since it is something many middle graders can relate to.


Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue, by Jeff Seymour (2022)

For 6th Graders

This is a MG adventure book that brings readers a fantasy adventure. This story explores bravery, and I love that it is imaginative, emotional, thrilling, and original. Girls will particularly love Nadya, the book’s sassy and smart heroine.

Only a special crew can run the cloudship Orion. But no one knows how to do that better than Nadya Skylung.

When the unimaginable happens, and a pirate attack occurs, Nadya and all the other children aboard narrowly escape. However, other crew members are captured. Nadya and her allies away from help are the only ones who can take back Orion to rescue the rest. She will risk everything on the quest to save the one family she has ever known.

But this attack is not an accident. What could these pirates be looking for? Could it be her? Readers will enjoy the characters in this book since they all have different personalities and talents that make them shine in this adventure.


Brackenbeast, by Kate Alice Marshall (2022)

For 7th Graders

Brackenbeast is a twisty sequel to Thirteens with Stranger Things and Coraline vibes. This mystery story keeps getting more complex and tightly entangled with new details. Kate has done an excellent job giving brilliant beauty commentary and a feminine theme that adds more depth to the story.

During the previous Halloween, Pip, Eleanor, and Otto nearly got off January Society’s hook and its leader. This does not mean that the now peaceful Eden Eld is safe. The three made a bargain with Mr. January, and now his treacherous sister is to hunt them.

When neighbors and friends of the three start disappearing following an abduction by mud-drenched and strange monsters, they must work fast to unravel their enemy’s secret. Eleanor and her friends’ families will fall into the enemy’s trap if they do not succeed.

They will have to search for an escape route using their book of brains, twisted fairytales, and friendship. But these stories they have all turned to have a strong hold on their current lives and future in a way they never knew. Regardless of their survival, this journey will not end with the three as their original selves.


The Midnighters, by Hana Tooke (2022)

For 7th Graders

The Midnighters is a book that teaches kids that becoming extraordinary requires courage. It is a ghostly tale with a murder mystery and an intriguing world.

The book tells the story of extraordinary Ema Vaskova. She comes from a family of scientists, and superstitions or omens are not entertained. However, for some reason, they always seem to follow her everywhere. Her prediction for events also does not seem to help, and she also has a peculiar shadow fear.

Ema is sent to live with her offbeat uncle. There, she meets Silvie, the only one who sees her extraordinary nature. In no time, the two begin meeting up for secret night adventures while trying to overcome Ema’s fears.

Disaster will strike, and Silvie will disappear. It will be Ema’s responsibility to look for her. She will have to gather the courage to hunt the city and unravel the secrets to the clue Silvie left about where she may be (the mysterious Midnight Guild).


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