​Top 8 How to Draw Books for Kids (2023) Teaching Drawing Skills For Children

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Unlocking imagination, how to draw books for kids ignite artistic journeys, guiding young hearts to paint their own destinies.

If you have a kid, you know the struggle. From all the responsibilities out there, one of them implies triggering their inner passion and talents.

Every kid is good at something. Every kid has a passion, but it’s up to parents to identify it. That’s why we take our kids dancing, playing football, trying karate, and so on.

In a world where most parents think about physical activity for their kids, how about triggering their artistic side?

Drawing is a great activity. It’s fun, and you can spend quality time with your little one. Some kids get great with time, while others may struggle a bit. No worries! Drawing is not always a talent. Many times, it’s just a skill.

Kids love colors and completing small tasks anyway. Now, not all books are made the same, so here are some of the best rated how to draw books for kids released over the past years.

What Are Some Outstanding How To Draw Books For Kids?

How To Draw 101 Cute Stuff For Kids, by Marius Alexander (2023)

I believe this is the perfect book for kids if your little one likes to scribble and do coloring books. It’s simply the next level. Rather than trying to figure out what your toddler is trying to do, you can hand them over this book and take their hobby to a different stage.

The book has over 100 drawings for your kid to complete, so it’s likely to keep them busy for quite a while. Each drawing comes with a little guide and step-by-step instructions. If your kid is still new at drawing, I recommend explaining the basics.

All in all, this book is about having fun while also developing some skills. It’s suitable for kids with or without experience, so it’s great for beginners too. Pictures cover more categories, from foods and plants to animals and cars.

On each page, your kid will have a little practice area. Basically, they’re encouraged to try out different colors, and become familiar with lines and shapes before actually completing the drawing.

As for the instructions, they’re pretty simple to follow. They include sketches, a few words, and some arrows for anyone to understand.

The book is available in a large format, 8.5×11 inches, so there are no intricate or sophisticated details to make the job difficult. A couple of drawings per day will keep kids busy for nearly two months.

How To Draw Vehicles Book, by Bert Taylor (2023)

Is your kid obsessed with cars and other types of vehicles? Most boys are, indeed. If you can only see toy cars in all shapes and sizes wherever you look around your home, chances are this book will make your kid’s day.

By far one of the best how to draw books for kids, I’d describe it as a well detailed and straightforward guide to discover the art of drawing. And it’s not just guessing or using imagination, but very specific details that will take your kid to a different level.

The book is ideal for kids, but trust me, you’ll learn a few secrets yourself too. And if you’re like me, chances are you’ll try a few sketches as well. Anyway, there are over 50 tutorials in the book, and each of them is direct and easy to understand.

The book isn’t all about cars, so it’s suitable for all kids. It also includes tutorials for different shapes and objects, animals, or plants, among others.

Illustrations are very well made and easy to follow. There’s no experience required. Whether your kid loves doing sketches or this is the first time they’ll grab a pencil, they’ll love the outcome.

At times, the book may feel a bit advanced, especially when it comes to shading techniques. But then, take it easy, one thing at a time, and your toddler will love it.

How To Draw Cute Animals For Kids, by Bonnie and Momo Publishing (2023)

Adorable, cute, well detailed, and an excellent start in your kid’s drawing career, that’s how I could describe one of the best how to draw books for kids. Who doesn’t love animals? Exactly! From tigers and snakes to lions and dogs, kids love all kinds of animals.

This book brings in a kid-friendly experience. Whether your kid has drawn before or it’s the first time they do it, experience is irrelevant. There are all sorts of easy tutorials that encourage self-learning.

Sure, you could spend some quality time with your little one while going through this book, but you’d be surprised by how simple it is. It’s educational, but in a fun way. While it does develop skills, it doesn’t feel like practice, but more like a game.

The book is made with plenty of space for your kid to practice. There are steps to go through, instructions, and basic requirements. Exactly, you won’t have to spend a fortune on fancy supplies.

Anyway, all pages are indexed, so everything’s easy to find. Most animals can be drawn with a few shapes and lines. I call this the four step book because pretty much any drawing can be made in four steps.

And as if all these weren’t enough, there are over 100 pages in the book, so that should keep your kid busy for a month or two.

Learn to Draw Kawaii Girls for Beginners, by Kawaii Book (2023)

This book is a bit more specific. Forget about animals and cars for a moment. Kids today are more modern than ever. If your little one likes anime, manga, and other similar cartoons, this book is the perfect gift.

Don’t worry if you’re clueless about Kawaii girls, so was I before getting the point. Basically, this book teaches your little one how to draw those cute anime girls with big beautiful eyes.

Drawing such characters is super simple and fun. And while the book is based on girls only, once your kid gets the basics, they’ll be able to use their imagination to draw all kinds of different characters.

Advertised to kids, I think the book is a pretty good choice for anyone who loves drawing. It makes Kawaii characters super simple and straightforward. Once you get a few hints about it, you’ll love practicing yourself too.

In terms of technical details, there are about 120 pages to go through. They’re printed on one side, so it makes no difference what coloring pens you buy for your kid. They won’t stain or go through the paper.

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