Top 8 Emotional Journeys in Sci-fi for New Adults 2023: Navigating Past, Present, and Fate

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Sci-fi for New Adults: where the boundaries of youth meet the limitless horizons of the universe, sparking imagination and discovery.

I am not a particular book genre reader, but I must give sci-fi works their flowers. Whenever I desire to reflect on unimaginable concepts, I pick a sci-fi book. They are the ultimate senses of wonder. I love the excitement they give while allowing me to merge new and fascinating worlds that are believable, logical, and miraculous.

Whether you want to go to a far-off planet, travel to an alternate universe, see societal paradigms, get a touch of romance, or explore different futures, my list of sci-fi books for adults below will pique your imagination and allow you to examine unimaginable ideas of daily life.

What Are The Top Emotional Journeys in Sci-fi?

U: Journey To Yourself, by T.D. Roberson (2023)

U is a book that employs a time travel concept while giving an interesting perception of a “what if” world. I loved its solid plot and conceptual exploration, but more notably, the alternate reality twist in the ending.

You meet Drew, who is broke with a not-so-promising job. After his grandmother’s death, he passes out, ending up in a mysterious existence. Here, he begins to relive his ugly past while grinding as an upcoming podcaster. The mysterious forces behind Drew’s journey have other plans for him. But can he move forward in life?

Roberson has written this book with different chapter themes and has excellently matched the writing styles. I highly resonated with Drew in the survival chapter. As you read, you feel an emotional resonance from his struggles- an unstable grandfather, alcoholism, and his battle for fame and riches.

If you favor sci-fi books with ambitious self-discovery stories, you will love this book. The narrative will grip you from the first page and leave you pondering your life choices. It is a must-read if you are seeking introspection of the power we possess for changing the future.

The Surviving Sky, by Kritika H. Rao (2023)

The Surviving Sky is a profoundly imaginative story that explores a world that is falling apart through the lens of a shattering human heart. Enter into Hindu mythology with this unique blend of intriguing spirituality, sci-fi futurism, and eco-fantasy mystery.

What elevated this story more for me was how Rao engages our spirituality with the bonds we forge personally and with others to make this read more than a science fantasy.

Meet Iravan and his wife Ahilya, the last humanity refugees in conflict with their reputations. Iravan is an architect, while Ahilya is an archeologist. Iravan believes in his abilities being the makers of his identity, while Ahilya views them as methods meant to overpower non-architects. These differences are getting in the way of their marriage, and their careers are in jeopardy when a jungle expedition fails. Can they join forces to save their reputations and the entire civilization?

This story is about a flawed society trying its best to survive. You will love how intricate and inventive its world-building and character development are. It is evocative and uncannily enthralling and will leave you daring to question: what if you were more?

The Crypt, by Scott Sigler (2023)

Do you love good sci-fi books for adults featuring a military story combined with some horror? If yes, then this book is for you. The Crypt is a story about naval space warfare, and I loved that Scott put together an ‘unusual’ sci-fi theme.

The story is excellent, but the tension is heavy. The terror, insanity, gore, and violence may be disturbing, but the excitement you get is outstanding, making this read stellar.

Not many people know the name of the warship in this book. Fewer people still know what it is, but almost nobody knows its peculiar ability to tilt the power balance and win war. Everyone knows its crew’s high mortality rate.

People call it “the Crypt,” and anyone aboard rides on their deathbed, hallucinating from its interdimensional travel, having psychotic breakdowns, and engaging in violent behaviors.

This book is like a fast-paced space opera and will have you questioning and answering many things. Scott must have been at his best when he wrote it, and I can’t wait for the series.

Dust of the Ocean, by Dorothy Grant (2023)

In the Dust of the Ocean, archeology meets tense adventures with competing humanity factions. However, don’t think this is too complex yet. Dorothy has excellently merged everything, even with some romance, to keep everything light and make the plot more interesting.

Aliens are in this universe and are of different species- hostile ones and overly powerful ones gone after leaving relics. On a distant planet, the powerful aliens have been attacked, defeated, and left in the deserted desert city.

In the midst of all this, there’s an empath who can read people’s memories upon touch. She hints that the ruins on the distant planet are not gone as everybody thinks. What could go wrong, and what does survival cost?

This book will give you everything you wish for in a ripping sci-fi book. Be it psychic powers, alien species, evil bugs, super soldiers, incompetent academics, and a hostile planet. The action does not end, and the romance will have you all mushy.

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