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It is undeniable that music significantly impacts us from our youngest to oldest years. It makes life better, intuitively and instinctually.

As the listener, the feedback loop between an artist and myself generates unique and rare energy- physical and emotional and I’m sure you can attest to the same.

Music can bring you joy and comfort/relaxation and can also be a motivational factor. Like me, you may rely on it to carry out tasks, to make events more lively, or to manipulate your mood.

Now, I know great music and great musicians are timeless, and many of us know lots of songs and their artists. But honestly, I have observed that this knowledge is not always evident when I ask someone if they know how their favorite composer, artist, or band came to be. This is what makes books about musicians excellent library additions.

Just like there are songs for each emotion, so are books for different music genres. Whether you consider yourself a one-genre person or don’t prefer to stick to one musical genre like me, these books are must-reads.

You will find classic music, icons, reggae, electronic music and also K-pop in the list.

What Are The Best Books on Famous Musicians?

Fabulous Female Musicians, by Sammy Stein (2023)

Sammy knows how to speak to musicians and has shared many musician stories for a long time now. In this release, she celebrates 21 amazing female artists who made an unforgettable mark in the musical scene.

She has not concentrated on one country but has expanded her horizons to speak with female musicians worldwide. I found this to be a nice balance. As you will discover, these women broke barriers and became an inspiration to many others. This book is a must-read if you are a female artist looking to build a name for yourself in music.

It will teach you about the industry’s tribulations and trials. The interviews in the book are candid accounts of what a musical career entails. They are heartfelt and highlight what music professionals do and feel for their art. The thrilling stories of each interviewee are captivating and will be great inspirations.

The women in this book have faced challenges but, at the same time, triumphed through many ordeals. Some have suffered abuse and bullying, but I admire and appreciate the advice they give on survival. I read this book and was utterly in awe of these deserving musicians.

Rasta Time, by Kathy Arlyn Sokol (2022)

It’s time for reggae fans to gather. Rasta Time is the book you need to understand the journey of reggae music’s king, Bob Marley. In the book, Kathy takes you from Kansas to Japan, where she first encountered and toured with Bob to Jamaica, Miami, and the Bahamas, learning more about him and his music.

Kathy interviews Bob and does subsequent interviews with his friends and family, revealing his life’s philosophy.

You need this book if you love Bob’s music or are part of the Rastafari movement. It will help you understand Bob’s spiritual roots and social vision.

Kathy interviews profoundly, and you will discover details you may not have known even as a Bob Marley fan. For instance, the writer of the Buffalo Soldier and significant people who directed Kathy into meeting Bob.

The stories told by different people who were part of Marley’s life are purely golden and bring out details and the love that bred a movement that played a significant role in presenting Western civilization.

Rasta Time is an excellent tribute to Bob, bringing to light who he was and what he stood for. It is a testament to Bob’s moments that must be remembered, celebrated, and cherished.

Beyond the Story, by B.T.S. & Myeongseok Kang (2023)

This list would not have been complete if I didn’t throw in a book about one of the most sensational boy bands of modern-day music. My daughter is an ardent B.T.S. fan, which is how I learned about them and read this book. It is everything you need to know about the band but in one volume.

This is an exceptional story of how the band came to be. It is skillfully written and excellently woven to demonstrate the band’s highs and lows, challenges and triumphs. Each page reminds you of their dedication, passion, hard work, and commitment to their craft and fans. You will appreciate their work from the anecdotes and stories about their career as you read.

If you are a B.T.S. fan, the book has hidden gems to make your reading experience more delightful. You will also greatly enjoy unearthing the moments that have given shape to the band’s trajectory. As the book’s title suggests, this story goes beyond what many of us see on the surface. It includes personal stories and behind-the-scenes stories about the band.

Even if you do not know about B.T.S. fully, I like that this book is chronologically written to illustrate the band’s earlier days up until their present day. I enjoyed the individual interviews, illuminating each member and their significance in the band’s musical journey.

Talking to My Angels, by Melissa Etheridge (2023)

Talking to My Angels is a real, brave, and honest read in which Melissa shares her soul. Regardless of the losses she has endured, Melissa chose to move on, and this is a reminder to us all that despite our failures and challenges, it is always best to find a way to propel forward and overcome our fears with and in love.

While she has lived, Melissa has had her share of blessings, from love, contentment, success, and spiritual awakening to gaining freedom and becoming a mother. She has excelled in her rock music career, recording eleven albums, going for world tours, and even winning an Oscar.

However, at the same time, she has had to suffer incomparable loss, grief, shame, heartache, guilt, and a breast cancer diagnosis. But through it all, she found the grace, courage, and strength to keep going.

As I read this book, my emotions were all over the place. It was sometimes challenging to read because of the context and content. But if you are a Melissa fan and want to understand her inspiration behind song creation, it will be your guide.

After reading this book, I have a different perspective on how tragedy can positively impact life. I also have a better understanding and judge people’s opinions and ways of life less harshly, but most importantly, I now know the power of musical art for the creator.

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