Top 6 Vision Board Books Dedicated For Woman (2024)

5 min readFeb 5, 2024

Girl, listen up! Remember that amazing self-discovery journey we’re all on? Well, vision board books have become this incredible tool, especially for us fabulous women. They’re basically like magic mirrors for our goals, dreams, and all those things we’re totally gonna achieve.

In this article, I’m gonna spill the tea on some of the most inspiring and effective vision board books for women that came out lately. They’re not just full of gorgeous eye candy, they’ve also got practical tips to help you turn your dreams into reality (because, let’s be real, manifestation is the key!).

Why I think vision boards are so awesome?

Think of them as more than just a collage of pretty pictures and quotes. They’re like a secret visual code for your deepest desires and goals, a constant reminder of what you’re working towards. Plus, the act of creating them is super therapeutic and empowering, helping you get crystal clear on exactly what you want out of life. Career goals, personal growth, even that amazing relationship you deserve — your vision board can be the roadmap to your future, girl! ✨

Our brains process visuals much faster than text. Images resonate on a deeper emotional level, making them more memorable and impactful than plain words. By surrounding yourself with visual representations of your goals, you’re essentially giving them more “brain real estate,” increasing their salience and keeping them at the forefront of your mind.

Reticular Activating System (RAS) part of your brain acts as a filter, focusing your attention on information relevant to your goals. Regularly viewing your vision board activates the RAS, making you more sensitive to opportunities and resources that can help you achieve your desires.

While vision boards offer psychological benefits, they’re not a magic bullet. They work best when paired with action and planning. Use them as a launchpad for goal setting, strategizing, and taking concrete steps towards your dreams.

Are you ready to unleash your inner vision board queen? Let’s dive into the good stuff!

What Are The Top Vision Board Books Dedicated For Woman?

Vision Board Book For Women, by My Zen Power Tribe Publishing (2024)

The Vision Board Book for Women has arrived in 2024, ready to reign supreme.

Forget flimsy collages, this is your magic weapon to manifest your dream life. Prepare to be dazzled by over 950 empowering elements: soul-stirring pictures, affirmations that ignite your confidence, potent words that fuel your vision, and life coaching questions that help you laser-focus on your goals.

Honestly, the design alone is enough to make you swoon. Imagine a luxurious, durable paperback with a glossy finish that practically whispers “empowerment.” Each page feels like a portal to self-love and manifesting the life you deserve. But this book goes beyond aesthetics.

This vision board book helps you truly understand yourself and your desires. You’ll get over 180 life coaching questions to spark introspection and 160 bucket list ideas to ignite your wildest dreams. Picture it: a personal development powerhouse disguised as a gorgeous, user-friendly vision board book. An experience you won’t want to miss!

Vision Board Clip Art Book With Words, Quotes & Pictures Vol 2, by Gloria Greene (2023)

Another remarkable addition to this list is Vision Board Clip Art Book With Words, Quotes & Pictures Vol 2.

This book has 600 high-resolution quotes, illustrations, and affirmations. What sets it apart is the focus on specific niches like health, relationships, career, and personal growth, providing tailored images for each aspect of life. I find the inclusion of worksheets and goal planning templates particularly useful, as they guide you in identifying the life areas you want to focus on before creating your vision boards.

The variety and quality of images in this book are great. From blank checks and marriage certificates to birth certificates and boarding passes, it allows for a high level of personalization on your vision board.

This book is perfect for those who are new to vision boarding as well as seasoned practitioners. The large, bold images make it easy to create a vision board that’s not only visually appealing but also deeply meaningful. In my experience, the sheer range of creative options this book offers can significantly enhance the power of your vision boards.

2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book, by Angelie Dane (2023)

This book is your magic carpet ride to dreamland! It’s jam-packed with guidance to help you crush your goals, whether it’s rocking killer abs, securing that bag, or building a fantastic family. Plus, with over 500 gorgeous pics and word art, it’s like a treasure trove of inspiration. And get this, the pages are single-sided and super high-quality, perfect for cutting out those dreamy visuals without feeling guilty.

The book even holds your hand with a step-by-step guide to creating your masterpiece. But it’s not just about the how, it’s about the why. This guide dives deep into the power of vision boards, showing you how they can turn your wishes into reality like magic!

And the best part? It celebrates diversity by including images and stories from all kinds of amazing women, so you can see yourself reflected in every page. No matter what your dreams are, this book has something for you, girl!

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