Top 5 Halloween Coloring Books for Kids (2023)

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Nothing beats a coloring book for kids. To them, it’s all about fun. To us, parents, it’s more about keeping our little ones busy while we tackle other chores around the house or perhaps take a break.

But at the same time, coloring books will also benefit children from other points of view. They’ll learn colors, how to coordinate their hands, attention to detail and even creativity.

With Halloween quickly approaching, here are some of the best children’s Halloween coloring books on the market right now.

What Are The Top Halloween Coloring Books for Kids?

Halloween Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4–8, by Roslin Designs (2023)

Roslin Designs’ Halloween coloring book is more than just another coloring book. It’s a carefully curated experience designed to captivate and entertain children of all ages. With easy-to-color Halloween designs, this book ensures hours of creative fun, setting it apart as an outstanding choice for a Halloween-themed activity.

What makes Roslin Designs’ coloring pages truly unique is the attention to detail and quality. The book features 81 expertly crafted pages, each rigorously checked for errors, and printed on high-quality white paper for an optimal user experience. With 39 dedicated coloring pages filled with cartoon Halloween designs, it offers ample opportunity for children to express their creativity. All of this is beautifully packaged in a large 8.5" x 11" format, ideal for large-scale coloring, and is completed with a unique and eye-catching cover design.

This blend of thoughtful features establishes Roslin Designs’ Halloween coloring book as an exceptional choice in its category.

Jumbo Halloween Coloring Book for Kids, by Kate U Publications (2021)

This is one of the best children’s Halloween coloring books and by far one of the top choices over tablets, screens, and video games. It’s excellent for kids of all ages and to be honest with you, the designs are so cool I almost feel like doing a few pages myself too.

Anyway, it makes no difference if you get it for Halloween or just a random gift, your little one will love this unforgettable experience. Believe it or not, there are more than 150 illustrations for your baby to have a good time, as well as 50 different drawings to boost their creativity and imagination.

Designs are single sided on each page, meaning there’s no bleeding through. Even if your kid uses colored pens rather than pencils, the paper quality will prevent the ink from damaging other pages, so no issues there.

Other than that, it comes in a large 8.5×11 inch design. Each page has a high resolution concept with plenty of small details. You just can’t go wrong with it.

My little one has spent over a month completing all the designs, so I can guarantee this book will keep your baby busy for a long time.

Halloween Coloring Book for Kids, by Tamaya Biha (2023)

Whether you’re after something to help your kid understand colors or you just want to keep them busy for hours, this release checks all the requirements to be one of the most complete children’s Halloween coloring books.

Mainly aimed at kids between two and eight, it’s suitable for both toddlers and older kids. It offers access to a wide variety of designs. Some of them are simple and basic, while others are more intricate. Don’t get me wrong, even the basic designs are well detailed.

There are more than 50 different Halloween themed designs. Each scene, but especially the more sophisticated ones, is likely to keep your little one busy for a couple of hours, so this book can provide weeks of entertainment.

It uses all colors, so despite looking simple at first, each design becomes a sophisticated piece of art. Pages are single sided, so there’s no bleeding through. Other than that, your kid will also fancy the thick quality paper and the glossy cover.

It’s one of those books they’ll keep, even after they complete it. To be honest with you, I’ve kept all coloring books completed by my kid, but this is one of those glossy attractive designs they’ll proudly display themselves.

Halloween Coloring Book For Kids, by Achiya Press (2023)

This is one of the most complete Halloween coloring books for kids. There’s a bit of everything, from scary cats and bats to haunted mansions and vampires. It makes an excellent gift and will draw your kid’s attention straight away with its glossy covers.

There are just over 50 different designs. When you look at them in white, they look super simple. Once complete, you’ll be impressed with the details. It’s great for kids of all ages, with a few simple choices for toddlers too.

Like other Halloween coloring books for kids, this one has single sided pages, so there won’t be any bleeding through problems. It works well with classic pencils, gel pens, and even markers. The paper quality is great, so there should be no issues whatsoever.

My kid used gels for the fine details, with no problems at all.

Other than that, the pages measure 8.5×11 inches, so the book is in the A4 format. It’s pretty large and despite some designs featuring very small details, it won’t be too challenging.

While I do get my little one a different book every year, I think this is by far the best we’ve had so far. You might as well give it as a gift weeks before Halloween, it’ll put your kid in the right spirit.

Happy Halloween Coloring Book, by Susan T. Hall (2013)

There’s something special about this book, probably one of my favorite Halloween coloring books for kids. I know, it’s aimed at kids of all ages, but probably not suitable for those younger than three. Designs are quite detailed and maybe a bit too challenging for them.

But then, I loved this book because it features an old school design. Drawings are similar to those I used to have in children’s books when I was a kid. Sure, they may seem a bit old fashioned, but trust me, your kid will love the attention to detail.

I’m not sure where the designs are inspired from, but for example, there’s a cat that looks like a mix between the cat in the hat and the funky cat from Alice in Wonderland, I guess every design has a bit of an inspiration from other books.

Now, let me give you a few hints about the designs. Imagine a ballerina cat or perhaps a wizard owl. How about a skeleton handling candy? There are 30 different illustrations and each of them features a great attention to detail.

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