Top 6 Food Truck Business Books For 2024

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As someone who loves culinary and looking for street food opportunities all the time, I knew that it was just a matter of time before my enthusiasm drove me to learn more about my passion. From watching cooking videos online and learning new recipes, I started nursing the idea of building a mobile business centered on what I love.

And that was how I laid my hands on the first of many food truck business books and since then, I haven’t looked back. These books have opened my eyes to the inner workings of the food truck business with insider tips on how to start from scratch, develop a comprehensive plan, and how to thrive in the game.

During my quest for knowledge on starting a food truck business, some books made a greater impact than others, and they’re what I’ll recommend for anyone looking to get the best of the best.

What Are The Top Food Truck Business Books?

Kitchen to Curb, by Elliot Sage (2024)

If you’re keen on turning your passions for food into a business, you can’t do better than Kitchen to Curb.

This isn’t just any book on the food truck genre, it’s a full-on manual that’s rich with expert advice, insider tips, and even inspiring stories from real people, everything you need to get fired up about attaining your culinary dreams. Elliot Sage got himself a priceless gem packed with so much valuable information with each page revealing something new.

And the best part is that as you delve into each chapter, you get to see useful examples that can instruct you how to get your food truck business up and ready. Unlike many books out there, Kitchen to Curb doesn’t just dole out abstract information to its readers, it teaches you how to scout strategic locations, find your way around the legalities and acquire the necessary permits, and build a loyal customer base to name a few.

What I could even say is the only downside to reading this book is that it packs too much information for one book and for that reason, a single read won’t do it justice.

It even contains a food truck business plan template which makes it ideal for beginners who don’t know their left from right when it comes to drafting a plan for their startup. And lest I forget, getting this book also means you get to learn effective digital marketing and how to harness social media to reach a broad audience for free. Great stuff!

Food Truck Business Plan, by Roddie L. Miller (2021)

If you’ve been shying away from starting a food truck business, this is probably the best time to make a U-turn because the industry has been growing at break-neck speed for the past five years. And Food Truck Business Plan is the perfect tool you need to get ready for navigating this promising field. The book defines the word ‘comprehensive’ as it contains virtually everything you need; call it a full-course meal, if you will.

The chapters in the book contain detailed information on several vital aspects of the business such as planning your truck and business approach, getting funding, branding, outsourcing, drafting an executive summary, personnel hiring, training, and management, digital sales tools, effective truck decor, developing your food truck network, and other things too many to mention.

But the few I’ve listed are already enough to prove that this book is bursting at the seams with value. Roddie surely doesn’t believe in cutting corners.

Aside from its content, I also love how the author efficiently employed the use of simple language to convey his knowledge in well-written blocks of text. It’s like you’re in a class learning from the best in the game.

This instructional guide has everything you’ll need from start to finish, not just concentrating on what works in the industry, but also shedding light on what the industry isn’t. Even the pitfalls that come with the business — the part that we don’t like to hear — doesn’t escape Roddie’s attention and he thoroughly discussed each one and left us with a solution to overcome them.

This is probably why it comes as no surprise that 77% of the reviewers gave the book a 5-star rating, a social proof that speaks volumes of the sheer quality of this treasure.

Food Truck Business For Beginners, by Daniel Smith (2023)

This is another deserving book on the list, and the fact that its author is a seasoned expert and food truck business owner just makes things even better. Daniel goes all out for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to transform their culinary dreams into a lucrative reality. The first thing I love about this book is that it contains a blueprint that can help you develop a business concept that will give you an edge in the market.

While I was still gushing over that, I discovered that he also wrote extensively on the mastery of menu creation, which is a cheat code in the food truck business. I mean, you want to be that brand that’s known for offering an irresistible and varied lineup of delicious dishes to customers, right? Because everyone loves an innovative presence in the industry — they’re like a breath of fresh air that immerses them in new experiences

But the book is not just limited to the culinary hacks it gives; it also gives ample attention to the business side — you learn how to hire and train the right staff and build a team that will symbolize the values of your company. These and many more make Food Truck Business for Beginners an excellent read.

Food Truck Business, by Travis Keller (2021)

If the reason you’ve been putting off your dreams of starting a food truck business is fear, you’ll be pleased to know that this book is exactly what you need. Why? Because it makes everything look like a walk in the park, subtly communicating that you have nothing to fear. Travis Keller talks about a lot in this guide, but the focal points are clear — how to start your business from scratch and how to grow it.

In between starting and scaling your company, you’ll learn branding, establishing a strong presence on social media, and the marketing techniques that function best in this market. When I read this book, I felt like Travis held me by the hand and led me to the top of the food chain, and I’m pretty confident that you’re going to feel the same way too. And just so you know, it’s not exclusive to beginners or startups, it’s open to even established food truck owners. I’ll let you in on a little secret — they wished they had this book at the time.

How to Start a Successful Food Truck Business, by Walter Grant (2022)

You’ve got to give it to Walter, the man loves specifics. The title says it all. He even dropped an invitation to beginners to quit their jobs with a confidence that’s contagious. But what intrigued me the most is that the book is worth the hype — every inch of it. Otherwise, it will have no place on the list.

In this book, Walter shares several stories of food truck owners highlighting their successes and failures to serve as a real-life lesson to his readers and shape their mindset for the journey ahead.

You also get the goods on a business plan from start to finish, plus a free template you can just use in case you’re not up for creating one from scratch. But what I love most about the book is that you can learn how to calculate the cost of running a food truck business regardless of your location.

Just in case you’ve talked yourself out of starting a food truck business because you think the market is oversaturated and your chances of success are slim, Walter has made it his mission to prove you wrong.

Food Truck Business Guide, by Chuck Stunton (2023)

This book gives you an easy way to learn from those who have first-hand experience of the food truck business. It bears a lot of similarities to the other publications on the list but in a unique way. I love the visual aids Chuck included in the book because they made navigation a walk in the park.

Another thing to note is the clear and actionable plans as well as tips to navigate the emotional highs and lows that the food truck business are very familiar with. Chuck left no stone unturned in his quest to cover everything from the foundational insights and planning to the marketing hacks that are essential for success in this industry.

The icing on the cake is the paperback version, which includes a video masterclass, a ready-to-print checklist, and a social media handbook. Another great book that rounds up the list of the top food truck business books you should read.

Final Words

So there you have it. With books like these, there’s simply no reason or excuse to let your dreams simmer when you can be living them every single day. My advice is simple — read at least one of these recommendations, start your food truck business, and begin a journey of becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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