Top 6 Emily Winfield Martin Books (Ranked) 2022

If you constantly look for illustrated children’s books, you may have come across Emily Winfield’s works or received a recommendation. Emily has created various books to distinguish herself among a million children’s authors, with some of her titles making her an accomplished New York Times bestseller.

Some Words About Emily Winfield Martin

I consider her an enigmatic illustrator and writer with a deep sense of making imaginary things an absolute joy to read.

Emily’s children’s book illustrations are artistic and beautiful at the same time. They are created by her heart. Once you open any of her books, you get into a world of imagination, and as a ready you don’t really want to come back to the real one.

Whenever I get hold of her books for my daughter, I am confident that it will be a fairy tale transformation and treat. Emily is a unique craft maker and leaves you with the mysteries of her fantastic collections and openness to the imagination.

I can go on and on about Emily’s skills but let’s leave that for another day. For now, take a look at my list of top Emily Winfield Martin books. But make sure you also get a copy or copies for your young one(s) to familiarize themselves with her works.

What Are The Cutest Emily Winfield Martin Books? (Ranked)

The Wonderful Things You Will Be (2015)

Throughout this breathtaking book, Emily captures fascinating and witty illustrations of the different and lovely things parents admire whenever they set their eyes on their children. She delivers beautiful and hilarious picture moments that you will love reading to your young ones.

If you are looking for the right bedtime story, this is the one. It is fun and calming, with details of different ages and ethnicities represented. It will leave you with a classic and innocent feel, just like children are. I love that the message in this book echoes my sentiments that being kind is one of the most impressive qualities you can have.

We all deserve kindness, and Emily couldn’t have put it in better words than in this book. After going through it with your young one, you will see why this book earned and held a spot on the New York Bestselling Children’s Picture Book List for over two years.

Wonderful Babies (2022)

Wonderful Babies is an exceptional children’s book that illustrates diverse baby moods. But it also depicts the endearing nature of their faces. Emily has written this one in an admirable art that will capture your heart as a parent or young reader.

If your kid has started noticing other babies, this one is a must-read. I can assure you it is an excellent way to introduce them to different humans.

I particularly love that this book is short and middle-sized, ideal for all young ages to hold and learn. You cannot get bored, and you will finish this book in one sitting. Thanks to this book, my daughter now communicates her emotions better. Go ahead and gift this book to your little one. You won’t go wrong and may as well become the adult of the year.

This is a Gift for You (2021)

This is a Gift For You is a companion that reminds young readers how to express love and celebrate it by sharing generous gifts. It shows that love can be shown as a magical dream or a great solace to hold dear when needed. Emily urges readers that the greatest gift they can have is to spend time together. I love this message, and I’m sure whether you are a parent or not, you will too.

This book is for anyone who wants to teach their children how to show love. Be it through songs, holding hands, or being a listener. It is a book worth having for those bedtime stories. Moreover, it features beautiful illustrations and sweet words that every reader will enjoy.

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Originally published at on October 25, 2022.

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