Top 5 Chloe Gong Books in Order (2022)

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There is something about a well-put-together book. But have you read a book written by an author who fuses everything you can relate to together phenomenally? That is what you get from Chloe Gong.

What Are The Must-Read Chloe Gong Books?

Foul Lady Fortune (2022)

This book will strike you with its phenomenal plot, which follows an ill-matched spy pair posing as a married couple. They are supposed to get into an investigation about brutal murders happening in 1930s Shanghai.

Rosalind Lang escaped death four years ago through a strange experiment that also made her stop sleeping and aging. The same experiment also made her immortal. But now, she strongly yearns for redemption from her past and gathers how to make use of her capability as the country’s assassin. However, following the Japanese Imperial Army invasion march, her mission changes.

Shanghai is in unrest following a series of murders, and everyone suspects the Japanese. Rosalind must identify who is behind the terror plot by infiltrating a foreign society. That’s when she begins to pose as Orion Hong’s wife. He has his plan, and Rosalind has secrets.

If you love a romantic story packed with intrigue, assassins, and betrayal, this book is for you. It is a classic spy thriller fused with historical fantasy where loyalties aren’t certain. It is intoxicating as it is dazzling, and each page is like a blade that will go into your heart.

The Gathering Dark (2022)

The Gathering Dark is a haunting tale, featuring Chloe as part of the authors. These stories give chills while exploring the often heightened adolescent emotions. This is a book you will fancy if you are into horror or creepy stories, but most importantly, it invites contemplation.

The plot is in a wicked town that has burned twice with another looming fire. One cemetery in the town is also packed with dead but restless people. An isolated bridge has a terrifying monster almost done with a summoning ritual, and still, there is a lake that allows those who have capsized to come back transformed. These are the liminal and shadowed spaces where monsters and curses lurk, ensuring they aren’t forgotten.

The stories in this book will feel reminiscent if you are an urban legend. They are well-woven to talk about elements of folk horror that many of us have come to expect, like religious corruption, toxic families, female rage, isolation, and the power and importance of nature.

Our Violent Ends (2021)

If you are a romantic and enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet play, you will love Our Violent Ends, the conclusion to Chloe’s These Violent Delights, details in a bit.

It is set in the 1920s when Shanghai rivaled Russian and Chinese gangs. Amid all the crisis and crime, Roma and Juliette are faced with tough choices and life-threatening situations.

Juliette deceives Roma to save his life by faking the death of his ally Marshall. She also works for the Scarlet Gang, which is her way of staving off her heartbreak. She must pretend that she wants Roma dead but keep him alive simultaneously.

On the other hand, Roma blames himself for his friend’s death and is seeking revenge. Can the two overcome all the shortcomings and secure a future together, or will all they are involved with be the end of them?

This is a compelling, tension-filled, and action-packed story; you will love the chemistry between the main characters as you turn the pages of this perfect ending.

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