Top 22+ Scariest Paranormal & Supernatural Horror Books (2022) In Order

Horror has several forms but when such suspense is on a book page, it is the creepiest thing to experience. It can result in horror-induced sleepless nights. If you have already read some horror books, how about reading some latest, new books featuring different forms, ranging right from supernatural to psychological fear?

I featured my personal collection of paranormal horror books in reverse-chronological order:

What Are The Scariest Paranormal and Supernatural Horror Books?

Day 305, by Nicole Thomas (2022)

Day 305 is a supernatural horror novel that fuses a romantic, chilling and unexpected experience. Nicole’s talent is evident based on how she has created complicated characters that will keep you wanting to discover more in this short story. From the instant you start reading, this story pulls you into the intriguing characters’ lives and more discoverable backstories. You will love the vivid descriptions that propel this mentally uncertain story. Every scene is built into a terrifying ending.

Paul and Brenda are trying to enhance their relationship. While on a hiking trip, they find a book that can predict the future. Not just that. It is terrifyingly accurate. When Paul hurts himself on the beach, Brenda begins obsessing over the book since it predicted this ordeal.

While at home, Brenda rushes to look for the book as it can unlock more mysteries. But Paul has hidden it from her after seeing what it was doing to her. When day 305 comes, Paul and Brenda’s lives change unexpectedly.

Hidden Pictures, by Jason Rekulak (2022)

Hidden Pictures is for you if you are a fan of Stranger Things and will appeal to you if you are an art lover.

Mallory Quinn has just left rehab, and she enrolls for a job as a babysitter for Caroline and Ted Maxwell’s son Teddy. She immediately falls in love with this job since she has all the stability she craves, and her bond with sweet Teddy is excellent.

Teddy spends most of his time drawing the usual things any kid would draw, like trees, balloons, and rabbits. But on one particular day, he draws something else; a man dragging a lifeless woman’s body in the woods. His work becomes even more sinister as the figures transform into dark lifelike sketches.

Mallory wonders if these glimpses probably point to a murder that has gone unsolved for long or something supernatural. Even though all this seems crazy to her, she decides to work on deciphering the images and saving Teddy.

You will love Mallory’s determination not to back down and her redemptive qualities, but this story’s shocking twist is something you will not have seen coming.

What Moves the Dead, by T. Kingfisher (2022)

If you are unfamiliar with T. Kingfisher’s work, this book will prove that she is the queen of atmospheric creep.

What Moves the Dead will leave you with tight muscles and unblinking eyes from its tension. But the way Kingfisher successfully combines horror and humor is even more remarkable and something you will love. When you finish this supernatural book, you will wonder if this is a cautionary tale about nature or humankind. But that’s for you to decide.

When Alex learns that Madeline Usher, his childhood friend, is dying, they run to the Ushers’ Ruritania ancestral home together with his friends. Upon arrival, they find a horrifying state of possessed wildlife and fungal growths encircling a dark and pulsing lake. What’s more, Madeline talks in very strange voices at night as she sleepwalks. An unknown nerve malady is also consuming Roderick, her twin brother.

With the help of Angus, a baffled doctor, and Eugenia Potter, a mycologist, Alex must figure out the House of Usher’s big secret before it can consume everyone.

The House Across the Lake, Riley Sager (2022)

After his best-selling novel Final Girls, Riley crafted another strong plot.

Riley Sager’s The House Across the Lake is a murder mystery. The paranormal aspects of the story add an extra layer of suspense and intrigue. The story starts when Casey saves Katherine from drowning in a small lake near Vermont in the middle of nowhere.

The author did a good job of creating suspense and keeping me guessing. Overall The House Across the Lake is a fast-paced, exciting read that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Don’t Tell a Soul Hardcover, by Kirsten Miller (2021)

This is a creepy suspense tale about Bram Howland who runs towards ghosts instead of going away from them. Sound courageous, right? Bram wants to come out of her family’s past and even from gossip that seems to worry her. So, she opts to move to her uncle’s place in the small town of Louth on the Hudson River.

Uncle James seems to revamp his old mansion but is disturbed by the ghosts around. Several months ago, aunt lost her life in a house fire that others around believe to be put up by her daughter. Now, this manor and the locals both are creepy; the residents of the town do not welcome outsiders such as Bram.

Every day, Bram learns that the rumors the locals spread are as upsetting as the surprises they hide. Of all, the most terrifying one is the legend of the Dead Girls that the locals keep spreading. These were the girls who lost their lives in the house of Bram. The eeriest truth seems to be that these girls may not have left the place. If Bram peeps into this haunted story, even she might not leave the place. So, what is she willing to do now?

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