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There are a lot of funny books that can make you laugh, but which are the best humorous books?

According to Ann Landers

If you want your children to listen, try talking softly to someone else.

This works the same way with humorous books. If you have something to say put it into humor and people will listen. I’m especially fond of bittersweet humor, where laughter is mingled with a touch of sadness.

​No matter how intense you like your drama or thriller books, no one can deny the benefits of a chilled funny novel every now and then. It brings in a good laugh and a few giggles, but it also comes up with a feel good atmosphere. In a world where coming up with new ideas could be a bit difficult, some authors have managed to nail the charts with their originality and fun way to write.

What Are The Most Stunning Humor Books That Will Eventually Make You Smile?

Homing, by Marc L. Carrier (2023)

This exceptional novel stands out, not just for its deft handling of serious family issues but also for its surprising undercurrent of humor. At its core, the story revolves around a son grappling with his father’s advancing dementia and the complexities of their estranged relationship.

Yet, it is the author’s skillful infusion of light-hearted moments amidst this poignant narrative that truly captivates the reader. The book’s brilliance lies in its ability to mirror real life, where laughter and tears often coexist, and where humor becomes a necessary coping mechanism in the face of adversity.

The protagonist’s journey, both literal and metaphorical, across the States with his father in tow, is replete with moments of unexpected comedy. These instances emerge naturally from everyday situations, turning mundane or challenging experiences into sources of gentle amusement.

The author has a keen eye for the absurdities of life, and their portrayal of the small, often overlooked moments that can bring a smile to our faces is nothing short of masterful.

The Moron at the End of This Book, by Andrew Couch (2023)

Andrew Couch’s book feels like sitting down with an old friend who has the best, most absurd stories to tell. You know, the kind of stories that make you think, “this can’t be real,” but you love them anyway because they’re just so outlandish. That’s the charm of this book. It’s like listening to tales from that one uncle who’s lived a thousand lives, all of them a bit questionable.

The book is a mix of short stories, showcasing the highlights of Couch’s life. You’ve got First Communion Blues, where the sacred meets the downright ridiculous. Then there’s Hang On, Diagnosis! which is a wild ride — think near-death experiences with a side of slapstick humor.

Graceland takes you behind the scenes of Elvis fandom. It’s less about Elvis and more about the fans who are a whole world unto themselves. Ain’t No Heroes Here and Curiosity Killed the Cake have Couch exploring the ups and downs of drug use, but with a twist that’s both funny and a bit tragic.

My favorite has to be Of Course, I Give a Shit, a story about growing up that’s so real and awkward, you can’t help but relate. Couch has this way of telling stories that makes you feel like you’re right there with him, for better or worse.

The Fake Out, by Sharon M. Peterson (2023)

In the heartwarming romance set in the quaint town of Two Harts, the author skillfully weaves a tale that is as engaging as it is humorous. The protagonists, a local librarian and the charismatic yet mischievous NFL player, Chris Sterns, are etched with such wit and charm that they instantly captivate the reader’s heart.

What truly sets this novel apart is the sparkling humor laced throughout the interactions between the characters. Whether it’s a cheeky comment, a playful banter in their two-person book club, or an embarrassingly amusing audiobook incident, the dialogue is filled with laugh-out-loud moments. The relationship develops with a natural and delightful ease, peppered with funny one-liners that make the characters feel like old friends. The blend of romance with genuine comedy creates an irresistible read, perfect for those seeking both a love story and a good chuckle.

“Hear what?” I asked.
She rolled her eyes. “I swear you are on another planet sometimes.”
“I am not.”
“Yes, you are. I’ll prove it. Do you know who Chris Sterns is?”
I shook my head. “Should I? Did he go to school with us?”
“There were sixty people in our class, and you were the yearbook editor. You know he didn’t go to school with us. How are we friends?”
“I think you followed me home from school one day.”
“You’re hilarious.”
I grinned. “Probably another reason we’re friends.”

I’ll Show Myself Out, by Jessi Klein (2022)

A new book by author Jessi Klein is giving moms a much-needed dose of humor. I’ll Show Myself Out is a collection of essays that covers everything from the challenges of parenting to the joys of watching your children grow up.

This funny book is sure to resonate with any mother who has ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges of raising a family. In her essays, she tackles topics like sleep deprivation, “underwear sandwich”, and the never-ending battle to keep your house clean. But despite the serious subject matter, Jessi’s writing is always infused with humor. I found myself laughing out loud at the relatable experiences and stories shared by the author.

If you are a new mother feeling isolated, exhausted and alone, I highly recommend this book as a funny and uplifting read.

“Buster,” he says firmly.
I look at Buster.
“Welcome home, Buster!” I say.
Good Lord, you’re gross, I think.

Jokes to Offend Men, by Allison Kelley et. al. (2022)

Jokes to Offend Men is a book that offers a modern, feminist take on classic joke structures. It is written by four comedy writers who use these structures to comment on the everyday and structural sexism that exists in all aspects of life.

The book provides readers with humorous quips that they can use to shut down people who are undermining them in the workplace or being condescending, or to share with friends at the end of a long day. It is intended as a cathartic and cutting spin on the traditional joke book, and is aimed at anyone who has ever been told to “lighten up” in response to being offended by a joke.

Why are the men in my workplace like jack-in-the-boxes?

Because it’s only a matter of time before they interrupt me.

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