Top 12 Best-Selling Crypto Books For 2022 — What Experts Recommend?

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The best crypto books allow you to get real insight into the world of cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm over the past years. With their values skyrocketing and then crashing. Despite this volatility, there is still a tremendous amount of interest in cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them, blockchain. Books on crypto are a great help on how to learn about cryptocurrency.

What Are The Most Important Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Related Topics?

We learned countless topics of this decentralized world of coins, like

  • Bitcoin BTC (the most known cryptocurrency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009),
  • Altcoins (there are several alternative coins the most widely known and use one is Ethereum ETH),
  • Blockchain (the technology behind the cryptocurrencies),
  • NFTs (non physical representation of an art, item, picture or any other intellectual property, that exists on a blockchain like on Ethereum)
  • Smart Contracts (automations on the blockchain, these algorithms perform automatic executions when certain conditions are meet)
  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance means the collection of peer to peer financial services performed on a blockchain),
  • Play to Earn Games (games that offer cryptocurrency or NFT rewards, which are tradable out of the game’s close ecosystem)
  • (the collective name of web technologies and apps connected to decentralization of web)
  • Why crypto market crashing?

Cryptocurrencies and tokens are now important trading assets in major trading platforms.

I looked up several crypto books and resources connected to the above topics, but truth to be told, not everyone of them was outstanding or well written. In this list article I want to introduce only the Amazon’s top crypto books in order, that meet the quality standards of the professionals and experts.

What Are The Best Crypto Books?

Proof of Stake: The Making of Ethereum and the Philosophy of Blockchains, by Vitalik Buterin (2022)

Yes, you are reading right. This upcoming book (September 2022) is written by the inventor of the Ethereum blockchain. In many sense Vitalik Buterin is a genius, he realized the opportunity in the decentralized world before anyone could even understand how Bitcoin really works.

In this book we will get insight how the author first meet with cryptocurrencies. At the time when I’m writing this article Ethereum is valued about half a trillion dollars, which is higher than the valuation of VISA.

Buterin’s words gathered during the development and the rise of Ethereum show the real talent of the founder. Buterin, unlike other ICO founders around him, was searching constantly for the new potentials of the technology. From a certain point of view he make possible the rise of DAOs, NFTs and DeFi.

Buterin’s book will be most likely the biggest hit among crypto books in 2022.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain 101, by Goffredo Righi Schwammer (2022)

It’s vital that we gain the greatest possible insight into the full scope of the most recent financial revolution, as it’s happening now.

Cryptocurrencies exploded in popularity in 2017, with the total value of all cryptocurrencies reaching nearly $830 billion by the end of the year. The increase in price was due, in part, to the explosive growth of initial coin offerings (ICOs), where startups issue their own cryptocurrencies in order to raise money. Blockchain technology is being explored for use in a variety of industries including finance, healthcare and also digital art, so we can say cryptocurrency means now much more than just Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain 101 offers insight into the most important historical events of fiat currencies along with the most recent topics like NFTs and Metaverse.

This book on cryptocurrencies offers a thorough introduction into the world of modern money for beginning investors. Goffredo also shares his thoughts on the future of crypto revolution.

The Cryptopians: Idealism, Greed, Lies, and the Making of the First Big Cryptocurrency Craze, by Laura Shin (2022)

A critical work committed to Ethereum is featured in this book, with all of its grit and drama lais behind it.

In a Forbes article the author describes the case of 2016 DAO scandal, which resulted a possible lost of $11 Billion in Ether. The story involves a hacker and the CEO of TenX who managed to exploit the weakness of smart contracts and ultimately had a great effect on the ETH network, including the so called “Hard Fork” and the establishment of Ethereum Classic (ETC).

This book uncovers the weakness and the early days of Ethereum investment. It’s a great insight how Ethereum achieved prominence and how altcoins expected going forward.

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking, by Saifedean Ammous (2018)

While Bitcoin is a fairly new to our society, its alleged problem is better understood in the context of human history. Transferring value across space and time. The author follows a captivating journey through the history of technologies performing the functions of money from settling disputes through the exchange of limestones and seashells, to metals, coins, the gold standard, and paper money.

Bitcoin is an open source, peer-to-peer program of computer code that serves as a tool for converting electrical energy and processors into verifiable records. Because users do not need trust in any authorities or infrastructure, they can use the Internet to negotiate with various individuals online. Thereby allowing them to use digital currencies in the same way that people use cash.

At the end of the book, the author attempts to answer the most important questions connected to this technology. Is this only a hype? Can authorities or countries really kill this technology, do they need to shut this down?

The Only Cryptocurrency Investing Book You’ll Ever Need, by Freeman Publications (2022)

Without the a doubt buying crypto assets is the act of investing in crypto. And yes there are a lot of people who made fortunes from it. But old myths disappeared quickly and professionalism is essential when we are speaking about crypto trading.

In this book you will learn the red flags when investing in altcoins, tips for future investments. How to identify scams, new trends in the crypto world like DeFi 2.0. The book includes a lot of practical parts, and tried to keep reader friendly without introducing the core concepts in the first hundred pages.

This cryptocurrency book is great for starting investors to gain information before putting any penny on your crypto wallet.

The 7th Property, by Eric Yakes (2021)

The books and literature I have read on BTC are either too basic or too technical. The 7th Property attempts to explain the topics in a language that are in depth but not necessary using jargon.

The book explains the objective of Bitcoin as an investment. You will find a short history of money, current financial systems, and an introduction into Bitcoin and how it works. The author analyzes Bitcoin’s prospects, including how it is being developed over time, and the most common objections against it.

I recommend this crypto book to anyone interested in bitcoin as general.

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