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Being a new reader in today’s world is challenging. Aside from dealing with a lot of books, you also have to go explore different genres to discover your interests. Thankfully, there are plenty of authors today that can pique your interest with these things. One of them is Ken Follett, a notable fan favorite and award-winning writer.

If you are curious about his work, check out this list of the best Ken Follett books! Whether you are a fan or a new reader, you will certainly enjoy these fantastic works.

The Evening and the Morning

The war is constantly brewing in England. Even though the dreading Dark Ages came to an end, the country is still struggling in its battle between the Welsh on its west side, and the Vikings on its east side. Every person in power is bending justice to suit their will, and the ordinary people cannot do anything about it. Chaos is the only thing running around, and the absence of law is only making it worse.

During these tough times, three people will meet and change each other’s lives. Without even knowing it, they will soon work together to face a challenging journey filled with the contrasting elements of life.

The Pillars of the Earth

This book is the sequel to The Evening and the Morning, and it perfectly highlights Follet’s genius. The story revolves around the lives of Philip (a resourceful monk who plans to build the world’s greatest Gothic cathedral), Tom (a mason who eventually becomes Phillip’s architect), and Lady Aliena (a beautiful woman who is constantly haunted by a dark secret). If you are a fan of historical novels, Follett is one of the best writers you will find. Discover secrets, witness intense scenarios, and dive into an unknown adventure by ordering this amazing book today.

Fall of Giants

This book is one of Follet’s best works and you can clearly see a pattern here. If you will notice from the previous books, he likes to write stories where different characters are involved. He does this by making each character a key instrument in the story, rather than using them as side characters only. This factor improves the story by piquing the readers’ interest, and it gives them the sense that they should read on to witness what is going to happen with them next.

Fall of Giants focuses on the stories of five families, all of which are then entangled to fulfill their roles later on in the story. It features the experience of an adolescent Welsh boy as he enters the dark mining pits, the turning point of a law student when they get rejected by the love of their life and finds a new career, the uncovering of mysteries caused by a housekeeper to their aristocrat masters, and the separation of two Russian brothers as their plan to emigrate in America falls out of place. After you have finished this book, your outlook on this century will forever change.


Felicity Clariet (a.k.a Flick) is faced with a serious dilemma. D-Day is quickly approaching, and even though they try to ignore it, the Germans are clearly working on something that will prove to be a massive threat. Being one of the senior agents in a well-picked team of Special Operations Executive (SOE), Flick has worked her way up to become one of the most reliable forces in France. She has a clear idea that the Germans’ way to power is the communication lines, and Flick has to secure the largest telephone system in Europe within a matter of days before it’s too late.

However, plans are not always foolproof, and after executing a full frontal assault on the enemy lines with her husband, Flick just experienced her worst nightmare. Her group is shattered, her husband is missing deep in the enemy’s territory, and her credibility is shaken thanks to her failed attempt. Now, Flick only has one chance left to redeem herself, and her new plan will involve an all-woman crew that she will train herself (a.k.a the Jackdaws).

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