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Nothing compares to a good thriller book — let your imagination go wild and feel the tension as you put yourself in the main character’s situation. But when the thriller also involves the medical industry, you can relate to things that are actually likely to happen. All in all, here are the best medical thriller books from the last 5 years — get ready to be thrilled!

Are the Bermuda Triangle events just coincidences, conspiracies, or can they be explained? You might have questioned yourself at some point about the Bermuda Triangle, one of the most discussed places in the world. We cannot tell for sure. Everyone has their own story or experience about this place.

The Bermuda Triangle sometimes called the “Devil’s Triangle,” has remained very popular throughout the decades and has been talked about in some of the most popular books. The popularity of this area is driven by various mysteries. There have been several aircraft and ship disappearances that no one can account for…

It is the dream of every entrepreneur or business owner to succeed in their business. Every day is a new learning experience. An entrepreneurial journey is full of uncertain situations, and from time to time, one may need to seek help to learn. One of the ways through which entrepreneurs can learn and better themselves is by reading entrepreneurial books. These books offer insights on improving a business, thereby providing essential lessons needed by a business owner.

The best books for entrepreneurs will also help one learn from the experiences of some of the most notable entrepreneur names. However, not…

Fantasy literature has been in existence since historical times, and fantasy books make up a unique genre. They typically employ magic and different supernatural phenomena such as creatures to develop their plot, settings, or theme. Fantasy books will also feature mystical beings such as elves, trolls, gods, dragons, and dwarves.

The genre draws its main inspiration from real-world folklore and myths and will normally be rooted in oral traditions.

One of the inherent goals of life is to be a better self. One of the ways for the same is to read some best wisdom books or self-help books. The sooner you read them, the earlier you know how to be a better person.

Not all these books are equal. Some focus on taking you on an interesting journey of improvement, while others motivate you to proceed after gaining experience in some fields of life. Regardless of what the unique aspect is, what if the book is from a self-help guru who shares her or his experienced story? …

Nothing beats a good book on espionage, be it inspired from real facts or not. You know there are plenty of drama, double standards, plot twists and exciting adventures — you never really know what might happen next. Are they who they say they are? Who is the hero? Where is the catch? All in all, whether you are after a bit of history, some exciting moments from the past or just a good story with spies, here are some of the best rated books about spies out there.

Various addictions affect millions of people all over the world. From professional clinics to help groups and medical assistance, there are lots of options out there. However, books have always proven to work on a deeper level. They connect to your subconscious level and can influence your decisions from the inside.

No matter how many people you ask for a good title, you will always get different titles. This is because there is no such thing as a perfect book. People connect with books differently. …

Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but not when you try to escape a problematic regime, poverty or abuse. To some, immigration is about survival — they simply want a place where they can survive, regardless of the conditions. To others, immigration is about a better life altogether — while there are no wars where they live, they still want better.

Whether you are thinking of going abroad or you simply like to see things from other points of view, here are some of the best-rated immigrant books on the market. …

A bit of sexuality can always turn a boring book into a spicy masterpiece. However, all the modern steamy romance stories these days follow the same principles. You get a woman who feels miserable. She is then dominated by a man who triggers her deepest feelings and fantasies. The man almost dominates. However, this trend is becoming a bit boring these days, now that every book follows the exact same scenario, but with slight differences.

These steamy romance stories adopt a different approach. These are the types of stories where women feel good and actually enjoy life. These are the…

​Travel guides can go in more directions. While most of them are aimed at tourists, you will find a different type of approach too — the wrong type of tourism. Military travel guides and memoirs will take you through the less touristy areas of various countries — the type of areas covered in poverty, war, drugs and crime. All in all, here are some solid and touching military guides that will give you a deeper insight into certain parts of the world.


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