6 Christian Mental Health Books · Improve Your Psychological Well-being

In a world where mental health is often seen as a taboo topic, it can be hard to find resources that address mental health from a Christian perspective. However, there are a number of Christian mental health books that can provide guidance and support.

These books can offer hope and encouragement for those struggling with mental health issues, and they can also help family and friends to better understand and support their loved ones.

What Are The Most Important Mental Health Topics?

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Rejection
  • Schizophrenia
  • Trauma
  • Dysfunctional families
  • Addiction

In the following Christian mental health book list, I tried to collect new titles and connect each book to the above topics to be more helpful when someone is searching the right book to read.

What Are The Most Helpful Mental Health Books For Christian Readers?

Shamelessly Yours, by A. J. Johnson (2022)

Topics: Dysfunctional families, Rejection, Schizophrenia

Shamelessly Yours is one of the Christian mental health books that address various mental issues as experienced by the author. It is a book for you if you feel that life is not giving you as much as you deserve. AJ encourages you can find God’s purpose amid your suffering. This book talks about different mental issues, disappointments, and frustrations and advises how you can overcome them to find joy. Whether you have undergone traumatic events that you can’t seem to shake off, rejection, or are battling schizophrenia, you will get inspired by AJ’s story and the input from different victim experiences.

AJ triumphed over her battles from her knowledge about God and the Bible and got into more profound spiritual warfare. She urges that without God, you are deeper with unseen enemies during your spiritual battles, and you need to believe God can get you out. Believing is what makes you less vulnerable to attack and propels you towards fighting for your freedom.


Resilient, by John Eldredge (2022)

Topics: Depression, Trauma, Anxiety

If you have a weary soul or depressed, this book is a lifeline. Through Resilient, John talks about the struggle of being in today’s world in which our hearts are truly troubled. In this book, he talks about how many of us are worn down and deflated by different mental issues following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic shook and confused masses, and it continues to cause depression and anxiety from all the uncertainties. As John puts it, we are in collective fatigue. He offers helpful advice to help us get back on our feet following all the emotional and spiritual traumas. He advises that we must beware of the moments we live in now and intentionally find purpose again by seeking a connection with God.

This is not a how-to book. It depicts how Christ is the only one who can help us through turbulent times. We need to lean on him even in mundane life aspects. The book also provides practical prayers you can use to access the strength Christ gives.

From Trauma to Transformation, by Laaser (2022)

Topics: Trauma, Depression, Fear

Many life experiences, like dysfunctional families and society, cause post-traumatic stress ( PTSD). But it is not often that we stop to think about the positivity we can draw from traumatic events.

This book highlights how you can start looking at your trauma differently to attain possible post-traumatic growth. In a good way, trauma can transform us if we look at our hurts and unearth God’s ways to use these exact trials to refine and mature ourselves.

Debra draws her insights from her experience of counseling others. She advises that we should stop asking the common question we always tend to ask, “why me?” and instead begin asking the Lord what he intends for us to learn. Debra also offers practical steps you can employ to go beyond everyday survival into a thriving future.

God never wastes pain, and we must be hopeful that he can give us positive changes despite hurt, betrayal, or loss. This book is not trite self-help but a deep dive into the Christian journey and another chance to find new opportunities for a vibrant and meaningful life.


The End of Anxiety, by Josh Weidmann (2020)

Topics: Anxiety, Depression, Fear

If God is omnipotent, why doesn’t he get rid of my anxiety? This is a question you may constantly ask as an anxious Christian. But instead of asking this, Josh suggests that maybe you should begin asking why God is allowing you to be worried.

Anxiety, stress, fear, and panic shouldn’t be the end of you. Facing these issues can be the beginning of something great. This book will help you to understand that it is okay to feel anxious or worried and that these mental states are only the beginning of God’s glory through you. Josh gives his insights based on his vulnerable experiences that helped him discover God’s utmost purpose in pain.

Every chapter in this book starts with Scripture and ends with practical steps applicable for immediate relief. The biblical exposition regarding anxiety also makes The End of Anxiety an excellent addition for biblical counselors.


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