10+ Best Blank Comic Books (2022) To Help You Draw Your Own Comics

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A blank comic book is the perfect way to draw your own story ideas in a form of a comic.

Comic Books have been around for many years, with the oldest ones originally created in the 1930s. They offer a lot of meaning for children and adults too. Their illustrations and the educational process of writing can create excellent souvenirs built from fun and creativity.

We don’t want to hide the fact, that we are a big fans of comics. This summer we decided to learn some basics of drawings to experience the other side of comic books. For this purpose we tested and ordered some blank comic books to improve the experience of learning to draw.

Blank comic books will foster creativity and build self-esteem from the sense of pride gained from accomplishing one’s series. They are great ways for children to develop and grow their writing skills, and above all, they put all this together in a fun way. If a child can think of a story, be it a mystery, an adventure, or one about fantasy, they can tell these stories in these books. These books have been created, influenced, and inspired by various factors; superheroes, humor, dialogue, descriptive narratives, and so much more.

What Are The Top Blank Comic Books on Amazon?

Blank Comic Book for Kids 6–12, by 5 Star Blank Books

This blank comic book is suitable for anyone who wants their child to be creative while having fun. It will fuel your child’s imagination, help develop artistic abilities or talent and boost your child’s self-esteem.

The book comes with a variety of templates and straightforward tutorials for kids. Beginner comic enthusiasts can also use the tutorial to help themselves start. Even though it is ideal for children between six and twelve, it is still an excellent choice for kids of other ages to have tons of fun as they learn how to sketch and create their comics, storyboards, and cartoon strips.

This comic book also contains unique and pre-formed panel design layouts to enhance the fun, and its bright white quality paper is perfect for comic drawing lovers. Dry media like gel pens, colored pencils, fine tip ink pens, pencils, and markers can all be used to draw.

To avoid having double-sided templates or spoiled creations from bleeding ink, the back pages of the panel design templates are blank.

Blank Comic Book with Tutorials, by Alexander Liotych

If you want to see what comics your child can come up with when handed the right tools, you must get this comic book.

Alexander has created more than a simple comic book. This one will make kids laugh and have fun, but most importantly, help them create. It can efficiently help you make your own comic book or create cartoons easily with more than a hundred pages and various templates.

The characters and tutorials in the book are perfect for assisting children.

The book is of the perfect size, and your child can move around with it in their bag or purse, making it easier for them to get significantly creative when idle. It has been put together on high-quality white paper, which creatives can use with different drawing tools.

Kids who are fans of superheroes also get six tutorials to choose from. Every template is exciting and has a beautiful design, and the examples given are great to help kids learn how to draw comics.

Blank Comic Book, by RIT Publishing

Have you been looking to have fun drawing comics in a different way? Whether you have been freshly introduced to art, want to enjoy drawing comics, or are looking to elevate your comic drawing skills, and have been searching for a blank comic book, this one is for you. The uniqueness of this book comes from it having a total of 96 pages that are not copied. Ninety-three of these pages have been custom-made to have an outstanding comic layout like no other and to offer you a fresh comic experience never seen before. Who doesn’t like a customized piece?

Compared to other comic books that are created using poor content and low-quality graphics, this one has been put together using high-quality boards and filled pages for you to have the most fun. The pages are created and printed using thick, high-quality white paper, making them ideal for coloring pencils and markers while on your comic adventure.

The 8.1 by 11-inch book comic-style cover is funky and peculiar. Both kids and adults will be able to create large-scale comics here creatively. Wait no longer. Get yourself this blank comic book and show the comic world your unique comic abilities.

Blank Comic Books for Kids, by Blank Books ’N’ Journals

A perfect comic book for your young one’s creativity. This one will capture their attention. The format offered in the book is flexible for inspiration without having to dictate what the pages contain. We all know how kids love making and creating their own comics and cartoons when it is easy to use pre-formatted paper inside.

They will remain attentive and engaged for long hours as they design, draw, and write their stories. Give them the right tools and see what they come up with. The 100-page book features blank templates that employ different styles for your child to stay busy. The high-quality white paper is suitable for any type of art medium.

You will not have to worry about which kid can create their story with this book, as it is suitable and perfect for all ages, girls and boys, including teens and adults. This book is big to offer room for them to get involved creatively with the drawing and text boxes are all sized differently. Get your child this book and let them enjoy many hours of fun as they write and create stories about their lives.

Create Your Own Graphic Novel, by David Wayne Chiu

This is the ideal book for kids between 8 to 12 to start creating comics. It gives an illustration guide, exercises for them to practice, and pre-made comic pages. It is a complete creation package. Unlike other books, this one mainly focuses on the integral comic components of theory and storytelling, which make it very understandable.

With this book, your young artists and writers can delve into exploring their creative side as they come up with their individual graphic novels. The placement of the panels and the page layout will stir them into discovery. These silent comic pages will fill their imagination with voice and sound. Ultimately, this will build their verbal and visual powers to create a graphic novel.

The fun exercises in this book will ease the understanding of real professional techniques to write outlines and raise movement as one makes use of the action lines, plan panel transitions, and a lot more. They will bring these comics to life through their coloring, inking, speech bubbles, and sound effects. Drawing these comics will be fun, whether one is birthing a superhero, creating talking animals, or sharing individual school stories. It is a creative way to tell one’s story.

Blank Comic Book Notebook, by The Whodunit Creative Design

Almost all kids love to come up with and create their personal comics and cartoons. To give them more room to tell their imagined stories and boost their creativity, get them this Blank Comic Book Notebook. Does your little one like or want to pen a space adventure with spaceships and aliens? Do they want to create an engaging fantasy that features knights and dragons?

Packed with comic book panels created with several designs, this book will have them creatively engaged for long periods of time. Those that are just beginning comic art will find themselves creating comics all day long. This book is sized slightly larger than most comic books for your child to maximize their adventure and immerse them into this wonder. Gift it to family and friends’ children on any occasion for them to remain creative and for them to utilize their extra free time in drawing and writing.

This comic book offers a brief introductory comic tale with tips on how to come up with an amazing comic book. Some examples showcase word balloons and how to use special effects. This colorful and exciting comic book will give your kid(s) lots of fun.

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