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Everyone struggles in life every now and then — it is just part of the game. People experience grief at different times in their lives, and it always hits differently. Some people turn to friends, while others choose family. There are people who seek professional help, as well as those who would rather hold everything inside. There are more ways to experience grief and get over it. Once you overcome such an experience, you will be better prepared to face life and its unexpected punches.

For some people, coping with grief is all about books. There are no doubts about…

There are countless theories on human evolution, as well as even more ideas on how it all started. However, there is also lots of science involved, and some aspects are crystal clear. All in all, here are some of the best books on human evolution — something simple and direct with no overwhelming or sophisticated ideas.

Adventure is a spirit, a mood, a lifestyle. It could be an adventurous experience to the beach, as well as the idea of exploring everything around with a great sense of curiosity. Kids need to be curious and they need adventure — nothing could trigger it better than the right books. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there. Some of them are suitable for kindergarten kids, while others are more appropriate for teenagers. All in all, here are the best adventure books for kids to explore with your little one.

Age range: 3–12 years.

Working from home has become a trend more than a decade ago. While it clearly represents everyone’s dream, the truth is lots of people still have no clue how to secure a good job and do everything from home. Most of them would assume working from home has something to do with sketchy activities, such as completing forms, doing surveys or other insecure activities — only a misconception. Freelancing is a real thing in 2021.

While some people have worked from home over the past year due to the pandemic, in reality, many freelancers travel around the world and get…

If anyone can actually make you believe that facial exercise works, it is the Duchess of Sussex. Of course, Meghan has enviable facial features and bone structure, but her face always looks youthful, toned and healthy. The actress credits a few specialists for her appearance — especially Nichola Joss, but the truth is she has her own set of DIY facial exercises as well, not to mention other skin care procedures.

Apart from the famous Duchess of Sussex, facial exercises are also credited by other celebrities with perfect features, including Natalie Portman, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone or Jennifer Aniston —…

Whether or not you are into science fiction, you simply cannot say no to a good book that has a bit of realism into it. Historical science fiction involves science fiction that goes to the past — usually more than a century. The plot is incredible and brings in a bunch of what ifs. For instance, time travel is one of the most common ideas in this genre — and face it, who would not want to travel back into the past? All in all, here are some of the best historical science fiction books to explore your imagination.

A bit of crime, plenty of mystery, a few well placed plot twists and characters that you will both love and hate — this is what the best crime thriller books for 2021 have in store for you. It makes no difference what your favorite genre is — nothing will make you breath harder than an intense thriller with lots of unsolved mysteries. All in all, here are some of the best books to entice your imagination.

​No matter how intense you like your drama or thriller books, no one can deny the benefits of a chilled funny novel every now and then. It brings in a good laugh and a few giggles, but it also comes up with a feel good atmosphere. In a world where coming up with new ideas could be a bit difficult, some authors have managed to nail the charts with their originality and fun way to write. …

Your dog is your best friend — no doubt about it. You love animals and you know to a certain extent, dogs can understand your good intentions and can make the difference between good and bad. Movies and books based on dog stories tend to be sad and force you to share a few tears, but the good news is you can find some good alternatives too — great humor and happy endings. All in all, here are some of the best funny dog books for adults and dog lovers.

No matter how happy you are with your lifestyle (career, relationship, home and so on), stress will always be a part of your life. Your next bill or perhaps your next mortgage payment can raise your stress levels. This slowly eats into your level of happiness and quality of life. Unless it is managed, stress is a silent killer that can trigger a variety of health issues.

Furthermore, stress can present in many forms. At some point in our lives we will all suffer and experience the impacts of stress. It comes with day to day living and can happen…


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